Ondra Ondori featuring Hico / 2013 / Recorded in Nagano, Japan

Original songs of a singer and accordeon player Ondra Ondori accompanied by a Japanese composer and melodion player Fumihico Natsuaki

13 songs / 63 min

Anička – Track 2

Ptáček – Track 9


Inadanian / 2013 / Recorded in Nagano, Japan

Japanese-Tibetan-Czechoslovakian „world music fussion“ formation

Kenji Endo (JP) , shakuhachi, bansuri, dijeredu and othe bamboo instruments
Fumihico Natsuaki (JP), melodion, piano, taishogoto, percussion
Tenzin Kunsang (Tibet), damien, bansuri, niko, voice
Ondřej Kano Landa (Cz), accordeon, koncovka, taishogoto, voice



Compilation from concerts of flute “Mojara” (instrument combined of South American flute moxeno and Slovakian flute fujara)


Concert of Inadanian in a Nagano Festival   – “Sunny Song”


The other songs of ONDORA ONDORI & INADANIAN are possible to watch HERE