Self Sufficiency

Film: Svoboda a svědomí v kočovnických botách (Freedom and conscience in nomad´s shoes)

 SelfSufficiency, Ondrej PreparingField Hiyama|Japan2013

Prezentační film shrnující vědomosti a zkušenosti posbírané během několikaletého výzkumu soběstačného způsobu života. Film je rozdělen do několika kapitol s praktickými tématy a “návody”. 80 minut, české titulky.

(Presentation movie resuming knowledge and experiences gathered during research of self-sufficient way of living. Having a longer preface the movie is devided into chapters with practical topics and “manuals”. 80 minutes, English subtitles.)


1. Část: Czech-Republic-icon Úvod – Osobní historie  klikněte zde (youtube) 1. Part: United Kingdom(Great Britain)  Preface – Personal history  click here (youtube)
2. Část:Czech-Republic-icon Farmaření, Jídlo, Léky  klikněte zde 2. Part:United Kingdom(Great Britain)  Farming, Food, Medicine   Click here
3. Část:Czech-Republic-icon  Voda, Bydlení, Finance, Řemesla, Spolupráce  klikněte zde 3. Part:United Kingdom(Great Britain)  Water, Accomadation, Finance, Crafts, Cooperation   click here
Czech-Republic-icon Film je prezentován v nízké kvalitě! Původní kvalita k veřejným projekcím je dostupná po domluvě. Naše permakulturní, sociální a umělecké aktivity můžete podpořit příspěvkem přes PAYPAL zde:  United Kingdom(Great Britain) The movie is presented in low quality! The original quality for public projections is available. You can support our permaculture, social and art activity through PAYPAL here:

Film: Soběstačný porod  (Self-Sufficient Birth)

SelfSufficiency-Birth, the first sun rising |Japan 2013 

Krátký film z úpatí Japonských Alp v Naganu o procesu aktivního těhotenství a přirozeného porodu bez pomoci profesionálů. 30 minut, české titulky.

(Short movie from foothills of Japanese Alps in Nagano about process of active pregnancy and natural birth without help of professionals. 30 minutes, English subtitles.)


Czech-Republic-icon  klikněte zde (youtube) pro spuštění filmu United Kingdom(Great Britain)  click here (youtube) to watch the film
 Prezentováno v nízké kvalitě. Stažením filmu v originální kvalitě nás můžete podpoři zde:Czech-Republic-icon  Presented in low quality. Support us by downloading the original version here:United Kingdom(Great Britain)


Offcompany farm in Romania

SelfSufficiency, OurHutBetweenForests Šumice,Romania/2012
Contact person:
Fukiko Kano, Ondrej Kano Landa
We are members of the WWOOF Romania fellowship of organic farms and volunteers
Languages spoken on the farm:
English, Czech, Japanese.
Description of the area:
We are located at the border of Munții Almăjului mountains by large beech forests spreading far to the South. The Czech village we live in is an isolated village on a hill top in an altitude of 600 m. There are pastures, orchards and fields in front of us and forest in the back.
What do you grow on the farm:
Vegetables, fruits, grains. Very little house and animal stable without electricity. We live “in the middle of nowhere” two kilometers far from the Czech village and 6 and 4 km far from nearest Romanian villages with equipped shops. We carry water by hand and we have no bathroom. We wash ourselves and do the laundry in a bucket or in an outside bath heated by fire. The electricity supply is limited to a small solar panel for charging internet connected tablet. We have no vehicles apart from bicycles at the moment (a car is in a plan) and no bigger machines apart from a chainsaw. We don’t own the house and land we live in, we use it through relationships with locals. In our farm we focus mainly on growing inner freedom, respect for life and self-awareness. Things like ecology, self-sufficiency and keeping distance from modern political-economical system are mere paths formed by these values and qualities rather than our goals. And it is the growth of these qualities inside of us that makes us happy and satisfied in life rather than development of space and social prestige. We do a lot of compromises in our life style but we try to keep our daily activities within these flexible limits: Minimum of waste Minimum of artificial chemicals Minimum of machines Minimum of money Minimum of nonlocal products Minimum of ownership
Farm size:
About 1 or 2 ha.
Months when they accept voulteers:
All year but mostly from spring to autumn.
Volunteer activities(a volunteer works in exchange for food and accomodation):
Gardening, cleaning land,constructions, household works, baby sitting.
Caravan or big tent.
Mostly vegetarian.
A few words about the family:
Young couple with two years old child.